l'espirit d'escalier

Emmalisa. 17. New York. Graduating and spending the year as an intercontinental nomad, taking photography, teaching english, and exploring. I have my appreciation for aesthetics, instrumental talents, half shaved head, sound mind, good sense of direction, a swell collection of sweaters, and that's pretty much it. Lovely.
Photos that are reblogged ARE NOT MINE. I will probably label my own photography.

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Natural Eye Color Chart

"너로된 이불, Blanket of you" 2009

(Source: killheji, via kiyska)

By mangaka Hisashi Eguchi, who references ‘American Pop Art’ as his influences on creating the modern woman.

Gatlinburg, TN by Steven Chan

Explosions in the sky by (papa jesse)


Teenagers in Brooklyn, summer of 1959.

Look how badass